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Switching gears: social knowledge creation

In order to keep my brain working, I like to divide my days up. This afternoon I’ve switched gears from thinking about INKE prototypes to developing a social knowledge creation tool list that we have been generating here in the lab. Primarily Shaun’s baby, GRA Nina and I are taking it up and expanding his already comprehensive list.

What is a social knowledge creation tool, you ask? Well, to quote Shaun,

In our conception of the term, a Social Knowledge Creation Tool is a usable technology that encourages the collaborative work of multiple individuals in a networked, digital environment. Furthermore, a social knowledge creation tool supports the active generation of work, information, or knowledge in an ethos of sharing, contact, and openness.

Today, I’m thinking about social knowledge creation tools that are primarily geared toward user-derived content. On the menu for exploration this afternoon are tools and services BuddyPress, CKAN, CrowdVoice, and Omeka. I’ll expand further on these later in the day. For now, if you’re interested, I’ll share my Zotero library that includes a growing list of social knowledge creation resources and tools: