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Meaningful failure?

This is just to confirm what the only reader of this ephemeral blog so far, i.e. me, knows well: on this year’s Day of DH I have not recorded any exceptional or memorable activity, nor was it very interesting to document ongoing projects. No cataclysm – in spite of the picture below, on which you see a machine I might show at some point to students who never opened their magic digital knowledge jukebox.

What happened, then? Lots of planning and email. I took some time to explore the Rousseau Online project, on which we had a seminar in Paris two days later. I was preparing a talk on Digital Classics, too, and thinking about what a discipline is and when you can say that specific technologies have become a shared cultural element in it (at this European one-day conference in Lille, I actually met people from different backgrounds, which made it a very rewarding experience). On that day, I did not even know that I was soon to help develop DARIAH‘s programme on “Research and Education” in France and with European colleagues. In fact, acculturation is one of my keywords these days, both for my own endeavours and for the transformation processes which the phrase “Digital Humanities” hints at.

Anyway, I got glimpses of other blogs and I am sure that this was a nice event, which was my experience in the previous years. Let’s say that this quick entry with a deceptively reflexive title is a placeholder for next year. Read you soon!