Good Morning!

Last year’s Day of DH happened on my sixth day as a full-time, freelance digital history developer.  This Day of DH would be a great time to reflect on the year that’s elapsed since then, and to review my successes and failures trying to make a career out of programming where the library/archives/museum world intersects with the public history and genealogy worlds.  However, I’ve got deadlines to deal with, so I’d better just roll up my sleeves and jump in.

Today I plan to:

  • Update the Open Source Indexing website with the sample projects which have been submitted since last Tuesday’s Call for Participation.
  • Write an abstract for my talk at International Colloquium Itinera Nova
  • Fix what I hope is the last bug in our migration of MyopicVicar from the Mongo Mapper database driver to the Mongoid driver which has overtaken it.
  • Migrate Scribe from Mongo Mapper to Mongoid
  • Fold the Scribe codebase into the MyopicVicar codebase, so that people interested in Open Source Indexing will have a single repository to work with.

So far, all I’ve accomplished was a quick post to TEI-L this morning in between getting my two-year-old dressed and the rest of the family waking up.