Two hours after alarm

I have an alarm clock next to my bed, but I use the alarm on my HTC one. I have alarm set for Mon/Fri, one for Tu/Wed/Th, and one for Sat/Sun. I usually leave the phone on the charger across the room, or sometimes in a different room, so I won’t accidentally turn it off without every fully waking up. I snoozed twice this morning, then ate breakfast, showered, and biked to campus.

Opened the Digital Media Project, unlocked classrooms, and checked e-mail/calendar for weekly reservations and workshops. The DMP is my appointment for another month or two (in the place of teaching). ¬†We check out a range equipment to support English department classes. I’ve already tried to help one student who needed a dongle for a class presentation. We do not have the vga-adapter for the ipad retina, only the vga-adapter for the regular ipad. Is that right? Is the retina the newest ipad? or simple an alternate? Why does Apple insist on driving us crazy by constantly changing adapter?

After basic open duties, I flipped open my own macbook, opened up my chrome tweetdeck tab (1 of 4 all-the-time tabs), discovered #DayofDH, followed the rabbit hole. Now here I am.