Its here! Day of DH 2013 is here!

April 8, 2013 in Announcements, Day of DH 2013

Welcome folks to “the big day!” Day of DH 2013 is officially here and happening as I type this.  We’re so very glad and overwhelmed by the level of participation and enthusiasm so far (and the day is just dawning in North America).  Some things to remember as you move through your day (of DH):

  • If you tweet, use the #DayofDH hashtag
  • What you document isn’t just about “purely” digital activities – the point of the Day of DH is to document all of the things we do…and a whole heck of a lot of that is non-digital (meetings, teaching, family stuff).  All these activities form the rich tapestry of what we do.
  • If you have technical problems, ping Ethan Watrall directly via email (watrall@msuedu)
  • Check out what other people are writing about (everything can be viewed on the Activity Stream).  If you want to comment on someone else’s post, do so!  Day of DH is also about conversations.

Above all, have fun

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