The Day is Over, But Our Work is Never Really Done…

April 9, 2013 in Day of DH 2013

Well, thats it folks, the sun has set (all over the world) on another exciting Day of DH.  Thanks for everyone’s interesting posts and enthusiastic participation.

So, where do we go from here?  Some points about what happens next:

  • Take some time to add to or edit your posts until you are happy.  If you didn’t get around to getting up as much as you would like, go ahead and add some additional posts.  If you have images from the day (but didn’t get them up), please feel free to add them to your blog.  We won’t turn off the system for a couple of weeks
  • If you didn’t, please consider categorizing your posts (see a list of suggested categories here)
  • Spend a little time taking a look at and comment on what other people wrote (the Activity Stream is the best place to do that). Remember, Day of DH is as much about forming connections between individuals as much as it is about documenting what each of us does.
  • If you experienced any technical issues that got in the way of you posting, ping Ethan Watrall ( via email
  • Finally, you’ll note that Day of DH is a CenterNet initiative.  If you are a DH center, please consider hosting Day of DH in 2014.

Thanks again, folks.  your hard work on this day has been inspiring.

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