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Blimey, Day of DH nearly passed me by!

It’s normally quite quiet at this time of year, the Easter holidays always arrives at just the right time, when everyone really needs a bit of a break.  So there hasn’t been as much email as normal.  which is good because I’m supposed to be focused on one very important document…

I have been working at home, away from the office and the distractions, on my PhD research. I’m in write up stage. Less than a year to go, and I’m piling on the pressure to get it done.   I’m trying to keep all distractions to a minimum, and the aim is to churn out at least 1000 words a day, every day, until I have a full first draft. But shutting myself in the study with only herbal tea to keep me company is actually quite difficult to do and challenges everything that is quite DHy about me. My PhD in Digital Humanities has seemingly made me less Digital Humanities in real life.  I used to blog, tweet, email, collaborate and tinker regularly. Now I don’t really do anything except write, and procrastinate.

I managed 2189 words yesterday. But Day of DH passed me by, I only realised this morning that it was yesterday.  Does that mean DH isn’t on my radar any more? will I get it back when I eventually finish my PhD? I hope so.