On Collaboration

In the past month, with the idea formation and launch of the DHMakerBus, I have learned the true meaning of collaboration. A small idea that grew very quickly has only been possible because of the work of so many people. Meetings happened, videos were made, social media campaigns were launched. Networking helped us to broaden our horizons. Doubts were definitely had, and, once voiced, only helped us to realize the potential of the project we were taking on. I know if I create a list, I will forget someone, and I know that our team is only going to grow in size since we joined forces with UnLondon and have found friends to pick up along the way, but those who have helped know who they are. Thank you.

A very wise professor I know said ( just a few hours ago, actually) that “Grad students are truly amazing, and the DH grads we have here at Western doubly so” – we thank him for that, and want him to know that his support goes a long way to helping us achieve our goals (It would do more if he would just agree to #getonthebus already). I already feel honored to be part of such an amazing team, and I know, whether we arrive at Nebraska via bus or not, that something very cool has only just begun.