digilibLT: what is it?

digilibLT is a digital library of late-latin texts which was born 3 years ago from a project of mine, maurizio lana, now going on under the direction of raffaella tabacco and myself.

we are located in Vercelli РUniversità del Piemonte Orientale, with a branch in Torino РUniversità di Torino.

everything started from the fact that for classical latin there is an old but useful resource as the PHI cdrom #5.3, while for late-latin texts nothing similar exists. so we decided to fill the gap and here we are. our library – which speaks italian and english – is online at http://www.digiliblt.unipmn.it: come see it!

if you click onto the two links above (digiliblt in Turin and digilibLT in Vercelli) you will see two short photo-stories of our typical day.

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