I am a second year doctoral student working in the fields of digital humanities, new media, and early modern studies. I recently completed the department’s first Major Field doctoral exam in the digital humanities and new media. Currently I’m preparing for a Focused Field exam centred on early modern drama and technologies of text and stage.

Since returning to Victoria in 2011, I have worked in the Electronic Textual Cultural Lab under the supervision of Dr. Ray Siemens. During the last year, our major project was the production, revision, and dissemination of a social edition of the 16th-century poetic miscellany the Devonshire Manuscript (BL Add. MS 17,492); current social texts are located on Wikibooks. Currently, we are developing the Renaissance English Knowledgebase (REKn), the early modern node in the Texas A&M University-based Advanced Research Consortium (ARC). Along with NINES, 18th Connect, and MESA, REKn will facilitate access to and provide peer review of early modern digital resources.