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Day of DH 2013

It’s been another whirlwind.

Our daughter woke up at 2 am and I’d stayed up late finishing Ian McEwan’s Solar (I had the chance to moderate a panel with him and Lawrence Krauss last week), so it was a slow start today.

I spent the morning working up a blog post for Slate’s Future Tense channel to help promote the recently launched Hieroglyph. I took time out from writing to talk with my colleagues at the Center for Science and the Imagination about the Hieroglyph site (we got slammed with spammers in our launch weekend), a few upcoming events and various administrative questions.

In the afternoon I taught my 300-level course in the Digital Culture curriculum, Media Literacies & Composition. When preparing the class I had pushed myself to step outside of the bounds of my English Ph.D. and develop some innovative new approaches to the idea of “composition” since my students primarily have backgrounds in design, the arts and performance. But as it turns out, they all wanted a writing class and so we’ve been focussing on research and critical writing for the past few weeks. We spent the class period workshopping their proposals for final projects and talking about the dark art of literature reviews.

After class I finished up the Slate post after taking on some edits from the redoubtable Joey Eschrich, mission control for the center, and sent it off to Slate. I talked about the future of Emerge with the also redoubtable Joel Garreau and hurried home to help get the baby fed, the dogs fed, the parents fed and the couch collapsed upon.

This day was typical of my first year as a faculty member and administrator at ASU. Lots of logistics, planning and what I hope are capacity-building efforts. I have high hopes for Hieroglyph and Emerge as sites for DH research, but, as usual, you have to build the project before you can really study it.

Good night, Day of DH!

In Typical Style

I sign up for my Day of DH 2013 website more or less after said day has already begun. And I have another short article I’ve promised to write tomorrow. Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to sharing some of my work in progress–there is so much to talk about!