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Mobile Update

Mobile technology means that I can post on the go! It is beautifully sunny and the UVic University Club is quiet. We have the entire building to ourselves. DH really is taking over. 😉

That’s all folks…

The day is winding down. I’ll be heading off to our University Club at UVic for our Nuts and Bolts discussion group (and a beer). After a few telephone calls and writing a few emails, my work on my  current essay is done for the day. I have a good start on my paper I’ll be presenting at the upcoming HASTAC conference in Toronto. I’ll be discussing various attempts by contemporary authors to upend digital analysis techniques. Taking up the title of my blog for the day, they seem to caution their readers to make haste, slowly. Cautioning against the rapid development of digital tools, these authors write texts that resist OCR or simple text analysis tools.

So, I’ll need to make haste, with haste, to get to the meeting.


The Laminated Object

I just finished reading Camera Lucida, which is a task I have not completed since my undergrad. I have got to say, this is a book that has become more interesting over time.

Photo on 2013-04-08 at 12.33 PM


I’m interested in materiality of experimental print texts and the difficulties represented in digitizing them, but I have found that his description of a “laminated object” as an object that carries its “referent with itself” is an interesting way to read books that draw attention to themselves as books. While I would like to argue with Barthes about his presumed transparency of photography, I think Barthes might find new life alongside certain writers interested in Heidegger’s theory of tools, like Graham Harman, Quentin Meillassoux, or even Alain Badiou.

Moar writing!

“Skype”(TM) Wall Install…

In my previous post, I indicated that my office space was located 20 feet from the main ETCL. We are mad about connectivity and cannot abide this division. So, Ray and Lynne Siemens are installing a Skype Wall into the lab spaces to promote collaboration! We are a fully wired collaboratory! Lynne will be conducting interviews with all the guinea pigs (I mean lab members) to determine the effectiveness of such a system. This will be an ongoing project, but we now have an eye in the sky.

More to follow I’m sure…

Make Haste Slowly (for coffee)

Photo on 2013-04-08 at 9.05 AM

Hello Day of DHers,

I start my day by slowly making coffee. All things will follow this single act. In the photo above, you will either notice the bleary eyed face of a fellow DHer or the bleary eyed face of a new father who was awake at 4:30 this morning. In either case, both descriptions of my sad mug would be accurate.