multitasking: an afternoon

April 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

I’m just back from my walk, where I have been thinking about possible homes for that paper I presented the other week. While I was in my office today I answered an email about participating in an outreach day for the university, specifically about getting secondary school students studying Shakespeare involved in a hands-on digital humanities workshop based on our Textlab project and some of the technical needs for that. Because I do a lot of interdisciplinary work – specifically as part of Textlab and the Vertically Intergrated Project initiative – I’ve been put on some kind of interdisciplinary-student mailing list. Today I’ve also been invited to some kind of business-learning synergy incubator.  I think I will be skipping that. For me, this drives the point home that a) my university is still woefully unprepared to deal with interdisciplinary work across the curriculum and b) because i do digital things I should be able to find practical applications in the business world.  It must be said that point (b) is a perpetual problem for humanities scholars in a polytechincal university and certainly not unique to me.

I want to point out that I don’t hate my university at all, I just don’t think its infrastructure is really designed for the sort of work I do.

I’ve also been revising the statistics part of of that chapter I’ve been working on.  For what was beginning to look like a more “traditional” humanities day, it’s certainly taken a bit of a change! I’ve also followed the Margaret Thatcher story (currently there are 4 rather misguided American friends on my Facebook mourning the loss of Margaret Thatcher, Feminist Icon), read a few friends’ #DayofDH blogs and bought hand soap: so far, a productive afternoon. I really wasn’t kidding about the multi-tasking thing I mentioned below.

I’m currently back at home, so here’s where I work at home. I did some cleaning yesterday, so it’s not quite the paper mess it was previously.  There’s some construction going on in the car park across the street, but nothing some more music can’t drown out.

2013-04-08 15.59.14

I’m doing yet another shift as a DHNow Editor-At-Large this week, so I’m going to have a quick skim through my DHNow-sanctioned feeds. Writing this blog today has taught me that I spend a LOT of time skimming. I’m not all that impressed by a lot of things the “DHNow Twitter Times” feed tends to pick up, as a lot of it is just news or human-interest stories that a lot of people have tweeted. This, of course, is how their algorithm works: if lots of people tweet it, it must be relevant.  You can see my picks here, if you are so inclined. Then it will be back to revising the chapter before I take a break to go to the grocery store and make dinner.


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