Request for literature on approach to IT tools, then and now

So today I have spent a lot of time thinking about teaching and Digital Humanities.

For this there is a point I would like to make about Digital Humanities and developing digital tools (not just in the Humanities).

So I will appeal to the wider Digital Humanities community for suggestions on anything written on the subject of:

The change (if any) in how IT tools are developed/implemented in daily tasks among mainly office based employees (but could also be in the field) from when computing became mainstream till now.

My assumption is that we used to be so wowed by the mere fact that IT tools were available that it used to be commonplace to expect employees to change the way they worked (re-school) so as to use this new tool. Now, there is more awareness on the user and how they best work before developing tools to aid them.

I would like to find some references that support/reject this assumption in literature also outside my field as it is a very general assumption and not one limited to DH.

Any suggestions?