Seminar on DH / Seminario de Humanidades Digitales

On Monday the “Seminario de Humanidades Digitales” will begin. It is organized by the Facultad de Filosofía y Letras here at the UNAM by Miriam Peña. I am pleased to be giving, together with Ernesto Priani, the first talk next Monday.  Spent the afternoon reading and working on this talk (and another that I have to give in June along the same lines at the UAM – Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana). As we discussed with Miriam, we are going to start very general. What is Digital Humanities? Unfortunately the general is not always the simple as there is an enormous proliferation of articles on this subject. In the end I like the approach of describing what we do, rather than what we are. It works for me now that we are basically just trying to introduce the concept of DH.

I am also going to talk about the Red de Humanidades Digitales, a DH association we founded here in Mexico over a year and a half ago. I was actually interviewed on national TV about the RedHD a couple of days ago. In general it seems that DH is definitely generating a lot of interest around here. We shall continue to work so that more people know about what is being done and also to find those out there who are doing DH but just don’t know it yet!