dig dig dig

dug through my inbox a whole bunch. i should do that more often. if you’re waiting on me for a reply about something, feel free to email me again ; )

– sorted out more issues with digitization equipment. we run a lot of fun machines at mpow, but they get a lot of use and so frequently need some tlc. fortunately we work with a great company who is attentive to our needs, even if that means flying in some dudes from Germany to have a look. rock.

– did some work for the LODLAM Summit happening in Montreal in June. pretty excited to be involved. linked open data is the next step, but it’s such a ginormous one that it’s a bit terrifying. how are we going to do this, for everyone, so that it works? it’s like one big union catalogue for, uh, all information out there. whoa.

– read some contracts and agreed to some pilot projects about e-reserves, hosted digital collections, and sharing our metadata with the world.

– followed tweets from Computers in Libraries. this is my first time not attending since 2008. my tribe is there and i’m kinda missing them. (yes, i have a few tribes. NO ONE SAID I COULD ONLY HAVE ONE.) also, that is where #firepitcon began, which i fundamentally believe is the best way to find out what is going on in libraryland. (sit by firepit in the spring in DC. drink a drink or two. find out what everyone is working on at their library. steal shamelessly.)

– a tweep (do we still use that term? whatever, you know what i mean) brought this lawsuit to my attention. i won’t comment on it here, since i don’t wanna get anyone in trouble for hosting my thoughts, but i’ll be talking a lot about it on my own spaces. let’s just say, if your business model is broken, fix it, or die.