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dig dig dig

dug through my inbox a whole bunch. i should do that more often. if you’re waiting on me for a reply about something, feel free to email me again ; )

– sorted out more issues with digitization equipment. we run a lot of fun machines at mpow, but they get a lot of use and so frequently need some tlc. fortunately we work with a great company who is attentive to our needs, even if that means flying in some dudes from Germany to have a look. rock.

– did some work for the LODLAM Summit happening in Montreal in June. pretty excited to be involved. linked open data is the next step, but it’s such a ginormous one that it’s a bit terrifying. how are we going to do this, for everyone, so that it works? it’s like one big union catalogue for, uh, all information out there. whoa.

– read some contracts and agreed to some pilot projects about e-reserves, hosted digital collections, and sharing our metadata with the world.

– followed tweets from Computers in Libraries. this is my first time not attending since 2008. my tribe is there and i’m kinda missing them. (yes, i have a few tribes. NO ONE SAID I COULD ONLY HAVE ONE.) also, that is where #firepitcon began, which i fundamentally believe is the best way to find out what is going on in libraryland. (sit by firepit in the spring in DC. drink a drink or two. find out what everyone is working on at their library. steal shamelessly.)

– a tweep (do we still use that term? whatever, you know what i mean) brought this lawsuit to my attention. i won’t comment on it here, since i don’t wanna get anyone in trouble for hosting my thoughts, but i’ll be talking a lot about it on my own spaces. let’s just say, if your business model is broken, fix it, or die.



add one to the “done” column

yay! having so many long-term projects on the go means that it is only rarely that one is truly and utterly finished. today was one of those days. after digitizing, proofing, building databases, rebuilding databases, working in two official languages, liasing with departments, and testing (and more testing) we have finally launched The Archives of the Civil Code Revision Office. this project was epic, and was begun back when we were still trying to figure out what it would look like. i’m thrilled that it’s done cuz it’s a pretty kickass resource for those who study the civil code, and offers a glimpse into the sausage-making part of law revisions.

also this morning:

– worked on some emails about author rights for faculty publications (it’s amazing what some publishers try and get away with)

– evaluated the rights of some student workers on one of our biggest projects to make sure they don’t overwrite anything in the database… not that it has ever happened before. nope. never.

– started drafting a few proposals for THATcamp ACRL – i have about 9 on the go, but a) that’s ridiculous and b) i can’t spend the whole day at camp (which is really unfortunate, cuz that’s my FAVE way to learn), so i need to do some self-censoring

– answered a few Qs on the Open Library of the Humanities editorial commitee list – looking at peer review models and re-use rights

– sorted some stuff out for the SLA Eastern Canada Chapter (i’m prez, yo)

– realized i need to figure out if the digitized titles in HathiTrust have disclaimer pages and ISBNs since we’re about to huck a bunch of stuff their way (and to the Internet Archive)

out of coffee. sad panda.


good morning Indy

these two weeks are a bit crazed. i was just in San Antonio attending the CNI Spring Meeting and now i’m in Indianapolis for the ARL Institute on Scholarly Communication and Association for College and Research Libraries Conference.

first, coffee. and tea. and whatever other caffeinated products i can find in the hotel. (except soft drinks – i never understand folks that drink that stuff at breakfast.)

second, fire up ye olde lappetoppe and start triaging email. we have a bunch of digitization projects on the go, equipment being serviced this week, grants going in for approval, significant high level planning for the future given some recent financial news, and then all the other stuff.




moar coffee.

i am going to try and not go through my notes from CNI because that will just distract me for the rest of the day and i’ll be dreaming of all the future possible projects and collaborations instead of getting done what needs doing right now.

game on

i’m on the road this week (attending the ARL Scholarly Communication Institute and then ACRL) so my day of dh will be a bit different, but, hopefully still chock full o’fun!