My DH Day Afternoon and Evening

It would have been great had I done some blatantly DH work on DH-Day, but that was not likely to happen under current circumstances. My work as museum director is, presently, focused on basic bread and butter, nuts and bolts issues. We have DH goals and are working toward them, but they are on a summer/fall time horizon to begin in earnest.

My standard issue DH work was evoked in the morning in my open access conversation. For the last few years, that was (such as it is) my DH calling card. The future museum DH work could be glimpsed around the edges of some of the day’s work. The museum has a new policy committee that is now considering a new strategic plan. If endorsed and adopted, that plan lays out our “museum informatics” goals–ambitions that will begin to be worked on starting this summer. I will be writing about those on my blog in the weeks and months ahead. Today, they were simply present in the background as I communicated with the new policy committee members and prepared for its first meeting.
During the afternoon, I continued work writing to museum stakeholders in preparation for our big 50th anniversary exhibition, invitations for which will be going out this week

I also hired a new managing editor for the Journal of Folklore Research, for which I serve as interim editor. He is great and I am excited to begin working with him.

Email and letters of recommendation. Those are the main genres of scholarly writing for me and for many, many of my colleagues. They occupied the remainder of the day.

Dinner and swimming lessons with my five-year old was the highlight of the non-work part of the day.

To escape the boredom of my posts and see what was happening on the other side of my campus, among my wonderful library colleagues, check out Michelle Dalmau’s Day of DH blog.