Wake Up In the Morning Feelin Like…

So I woke up pretty late this morning, but don’t worry! I have an excuse. A Disneyland excuse to be precise. We were at the park until almost closing last night. My entire body was exhausted, and I could still feel it this morning. But here I am now: up and ready to take on Day of DH!

Morning in Hedrick

Yeah, it’s basically paradise. nbd

The one good thing about waking up a little later is that I can wake up to a view like this outside my window. It’s like living in a small slice of paradise. To wake up to this with the window open and the birds chirping every morning, makes it more than worth it to stop hitting the snooz button. The sad thing is that I only get to enjoy this amazing little piece of heave-on-earth for just another couple of months until I graduate (*tears*). But I shall enjoy it while it lasts.

So waking up wasn’t so hard, but here’s the bad thing about waking up that they never tell you. When you get up, you actually have to start doing stuff. And therein lies the problem that I ran into this morning. If I want to get up enjoy the beauty around me, I actually have to start productivity. But I’ll also give you a little secret to this dilemma that some of you may face as well. A good shower will almost always get you in the mood to start the day.¬†Cleanliness is next to godliness (or in this case just someone who’s not lazy).

Now that I’ve woken up and gotten showered and cleaned, it’s probably about time that I get to work with my day. I have a full day of homework, blogging, work, and meetings that I have to get through, and it won’t end until about 10pm tonight. First, I’m going to get some homework for my classes this week done (A few blog posts, some reading for my English class and my internship, etc). At 11:30, I have work as an Office Assistant in the Office of Residential Life. After that, I’ll probably keep working on my homework until my English class at 4. At 6, my night of meetings start and will probably end at around 10pm. Let this be a lesson to you all, if you want to be a resident assistant at UCLA, prepare to lose your Monday nights. THEY DO NOT EXIST!

Laptop? Check. Muffin? Check. Coffee? Only enough to satisfy my minimum requires, so check minus!

Laptop? Check. Muffin? Check. Coffee? Only enough to satisfy my minimum requirements, so check minus!