Final Thoughts on the Day of DH2013

It’s been a whirlwind 24 hours, but I’m finally calling it quits on the Day of DH. Almost everything got done, except for the two most important goals – dissertation revisions and the lemon cake (baked, but not frosted yet) – but it was a loooong day. Normally I’m vegging out in front of the tv by now, if I’m not reading a book for fun, not school, but tonight is the final for March Madness, though, so I’m anything but vegged out.

Was my day jam packed with DH? Not even close. I found a few more disturbances to include in my project, which is more exciting than I can even say because I really feel like I’m on the right path. My proposal for the PhillyDH Incubator event is shaping up and I’m hopeful it will go well.

As I sit here trying not to yell at Louisville to hold it together, I’m thinking about what to take away from today. What struck me the most today, besides the sheer creativity behind so many projects on display today, was the variety of ways in which people interact with DH. Some are obsessed with coding, some are engrossed in the research, some are all about the analysis, but, ultimately, all of us are in it for the scholarship – creating it, consuming it, engaging with it, and sharing it.