Good Night!

The best part about being a mature student is that 11:00pm is a late night for me. I’ve watched a rerun of Gilmore Girls and outlined the short novel one of my editors asked for as a sequel to my book Tower in the Crooked Wood. My partner has just finished the library book that’s due tomorrow, so it’s time to log off.

Here’s my home town as visible from space last weekend when Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield was passing overhead:


Tomorrow I’ll have to be up early if I want to get on the water in my kayak before visiting my Dad in the morning — Tuesday is my Mom’s golf day so she doesn’t see him till late in the afternoon. Gotta attend the oral defense of my study buddy, and meet my partner in the Graduate Students House for a sandwich and watching our assigned videos before TAing at the community extension class University 201. Another busy day!