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Evening Writing

I’m set up for the evening, writing in my home office. That’s a euphemism for sitting up on the foot of my bed, leaning against the post, with a sleeping bag over my legs and a computer on my lap. I used to write at my desk, but it’s stacked shoulder-high with books and the chair has my still-damp life jacket on it. You can’t leave stacks of books on a bed and still have somewhere to sleep. It’s a lot warmer to wrap up snugly, turn on channel 20 for the CBC and BBC news, and write.


Tonight I’m editing the part of my master’s essay that I’ll read aloud for my oral defense in two weeks. I scanned the perfect illustration from a book to use for my powerpoint — it’s a simple line drawing of a stylized map. Later I’ll write a post for my paddle group’s blog, and since I saw a river otter this morning I’ll illustrate it with a photo taken by my friend John along that shore.

Images for my websites

On mornings when I don’t have to head away to a meeting or class, I work for at least an hour on one of my writing projects. Today it was a post for my science writers’ blog.

When I’m writing for a website, often I want to add an image. Usually pictures help to convey a theme, or photos give information that would take hundreds of words to explain, and drawings can be really cool. This can be a problem when there isn’t an image already available, either because I have no budget to acquire copyright images, or I left my digital camera at home, or because my drawing ability hasn’t progressed much beyond crayoning in kindergarten.cleanjay

So I’ve made some images that I can use on simple websites, or as placeholders for where I’ll put a more appropriate image. I used a program called Paint first, and later tried using Photoshop. It’s easier than I thought to take a photograph with strong contrast and do some changes to make an image rather like a black-and-white drawing. Other people I know use photos of their pets as placeholders, but I prefer the images I’ve made from photos my friends took of birds or me in a kayak. Working with Paint is so different from writing or coding that it is as refreshing for my mind as playing a game or checking my e-mail inbox.