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At the UVic Library


The McPherson Library at UVic is one of my favourite spots on campus! The trees outside turn bright yellow and red in the fall. This is where I do some of my online research and editing of projects I’m writing. Sure, I have a laptop computer of my own — but I don’t have a scanner, a printer, or a screen any bigger than a paperback novel by J.D. Robb. The library also has one of the most popular coffee spots on campus, the BiblioCafe.


Before the Day of DH, I cross-posted here a note from my kayaking blog about using more than just Google Maps to plan trips and navigate. Here’s one of the most useful places in UVic’s main library — the Maps section! I’ve found historical maps here for Victoria and Toronto that I’ve used when writing fiction, maps of the East European town where my grandfather was born, and topographical maps for planning my kayaking trips to Red Deer, AB and Quadra Island, BC http://kayakyak.blogspot.ca/2011/08/waiatt-bay-quadra-island.html .