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Check-in/OK message from Spot Personal Tracker

GPS location Date/Time:04/08/2013 08:18:44 PDT

Message:Hi, this is Paula out with my kayak. Everything is fine. No worries, eh?

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My Kayaking Treadmill

It has to be a windy day to keep me off the water! I’ve got a lovely sea kayak for longer outings with friends, but when I’m on my own I stick close to shore in my little inflatable kayak. It’s easy to carry down to the shore of Cadboro Bay in Gyro Park, and it’s a terrific boat for paddling along the rocky shoreline.


This is a great photo for showing Cadboro Bay and the offshore islands where I go kayaking with my friends. The circular road showing in the photograph is Ring Road on the campus of the University of Victoria, where I’m finishing my MA in Canadian Literature. I like how this aerial photo shows my home waters and my alma mater.