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Teaching with WordPress

It’s mid-day-of-DH and I have already taught my 11am class and my 2pm class is approachingĀ  quickly. I was hoping to get a little grading done in the interim that is office hours, but instead had a fabulous writing workshop with one of my students. To see a student find perspective on her own writing, admit that it needs work, laugh about it, and then revise, really made my day. We worked on an essay of her in Word and revised in Track Changes so that she has a record of the revisions we made together.

In my classes today, we are workshopping our final projects and discussing a short story by Edith Wharton called “Afterward.” The final project drafts are first drafts of electronic essays that will be published on our class WordPress blog. Today, the sections of the essay that we will address include author bio and summary, which are exercises in finding authoritative sources for this information and learning how to stylistically include that information in an electronic essay using linking and images.

Last week I taught a few mini lessons on WordPress skills, including creating a hyperlink, embedding images and image galleries, finding images that are not under copyright and citing them properly, and linking an image to its source page. Today I will give a short tutorial on embedding a youtube video in a post on our WordPress blog. These are skills that will help my students improve their ability to be persuasive in an electronic medium — increasingly the medium through which information is disseminated and received.