Busy work

So this morning has felt like a lot of busy work.  I had to do a bunch of paperwork for reimbursements and for permission to publish digital images.  Pending peer review, you might see these images in an article I wrote for Architectures of the Book (Archbook).  Also, the few minutes it takes to write blog posts and emails: so much to catch up on having been away all weekend.  And I haven’t even started with post-conference contacts and thanks.

Also, the new Skype wall is up.  This is a huge distraction, but I might get used to it in a bit.

I also had lunch with an English Department colleague, which was lovely.  I still feel guilty for not eating at my desk and working through lunch (like usual).  Hopefully before the Nuts and Bolts of Digital Humanities session this afternoon I will be able to get more done.

Headphones on now.  I love being in the ETCL and next to the HCMC but it can be hard to concentrate, so sometimes I turn on WQXR.