Nuts & Bolts

Well, I’ve taken some solid writing time.  Things feel good.  Of course, I wish I had more time for this, but there are other things to be done.

Instead, I’m going to try to work on a grant application before I go to our Nuts & Bolts of Digital Humanities discussion. It’s a discussion series that we run here at the ETCL.  Last year, Constance Crompton ran the series, and this year I have inherited it from her.  We met last year to discuss what the community wanted, and as a community we decided that we wanted only two meetings a semester.  So our meetings this year (which have been attended by more and more people) have been:

1. Constance Crompton (Assistant Professor of Digital Humanities, UBC-Okanagan): “Scaling Up: Developing Metrics and Milestones for Small Digital Humanities Projects”
2. Inba Kehoe (Copyright officer and Scholarly Communications/Publishing Librarian), Ken Cooley (Associate University Librarian, Reference and Collection Management Services), and Paul Stokes (Chief Information Officer, UVic): “Why the Library Won’t Archive your DH Project”
3. Janni Aragon (Dept. of Political Science), “Professor Twitter: Social Media for Academics to Network” #proftwitter
4. (Today) Catherine Caws (Associate Professor and Chair, Dept of French): “Using Digital Tools to Engage Learners”
We’ve had some great discussions so far and today’s will, I hope, be no exception.  Nuts & Bolts is normally pretty informal.  We meet at the grad house and talk about things over a pitcher or two.
One of our positive problems is that our group has been getting bigger, which means we have a harder time finding a place to meet that isn’t too noisy where we can share a discussion!