Weekend Update

For those of you who were following me on Twitter (@Laura_Estill), you’ll know that I was at the Renaissance Society of America this past weekend (#rsa13).  I was part of a series of panels on “Renaissance Studies and New Technologies.”

The best part of RSA, though, was that many panels I attended used/discussed/presented digital tools even if the focus of the panel wasn’t explicitly digital humanities.  I learned more about the online database component of Private Libraries in Renaissance England, the edited playtexts available from Queen’s Men Editions, the interactive blocking tool Simulated Environment for Theatre (SET), and the Virtual Paul’s Cross Project, to name a few.

As Michael Ullyot (@ullyot) said in our roundtable discussion (quoting Mike Witmore, I believe), “If digital humanities is successful, it will disappear.”  This, of course, doesn’t mean the end of DH; instead, DH will become so ubiquitous that it will be part of all of our scholarship.  I think RSA13 showed how that was already becoming the case.

Getting home from two back-to-back conferences (Shakespeare Association of America was last week!) has made me tired: I could already go for a weekend, but it’s Monday morning and these things aren’t going to write themselves!