Day of DH Debrief

It’s been a busy day.  Partly because life happened above and beyond Day of DH.  It was my Dad’s birthday.  My step-grandfather is in the hospital.  But I’m not going to make this post about work-life balance.  Instead, I’m going to finish with work now and get on with life.

The quick recap:

  • I got back yesterday from RSA, which was great.  (More on re-joining life from Andie Silva here.)
  • We got a new lab member, Matt Hiebert.  I’m glad he’s finally here!
  • We got a Skype wall.  (See pictures from Shaun Wong)
  • writing, writing, writing (or trying to)
  • grants
  • image licensing
  • paperwork, paperwork, paperwork
  • dayofdh blogging; following twitter
  • and, finally, Nuts & Bolts of DH!

All in all, a busy day, but I can’t shake the feeling I should have done more.