Desktop fabrications


Hi, my name is Shaun Macpherson. My *evening* of DH involves a bit of (very) amateur making. Jentery and I have been discussing approaches to our upcoming makerspace at the HASTAC 2013 conference in Toronto, and we’ve settled on a pretty intriguing theme—exploring how digital data can actually be misrepresentative. How does data “lie” to us? Considering this question in the context of physical computing allows us to more fully explore the politics and poetics of “fabrication.”

To this end, we’re looking at ways we can hack the conference, manipulate tools of physical computing to foreground such misrepresentations, and otherwise come up with some fun ideas that conference-goers will enjoy interacting with. For anyone reading this who may be attending the conference, I won’t provide any spoilers here. That said, tonight I’m working on creating a simple Arduino sketch that works with the PING sensor (it’s like a little sonar device). I hope to integrate this tool into a more substantial project for the conference.