• Profile picture of Andie Silva
    Andie Silva
    Wayne State University
    To me, the digital humanities require an active engagement with, and constant questioning of the digital tools we use for research and pedagogy. Not just making online projects but knowing to use them, pushing the boundaries of what it means to read, write, and disseminate knowldge. A wonderful opportunity to make scholarship playful and innovative, taking advantage of material culture in immaterial ways.
    active 5 years ago
  • Profile picture of Andrea Rapp
    Andrea Rapp
    TU Darmstadt, Institut für Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaft
    sensible use of digital and hermeneutic methods to answer humanities questions
    active 4 years ago
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    Andrew Peterson
    Ferris State University
    Unknown, but hoping to see more examples
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  • Profile picture of Andrew Prescott
    Andrew Prescott
    King's College London
    What happens when you start using computers to study the humanities (not my definition, I admit: I owe this formulation to Willard McCarty)
    active 5 years ago
  • Profile picture of Andrew Reinhard
    Andrew Reinhard
    American School of Classical Studies at Athens
    I have often wondered why there is still a distinction between Humanities and Digital Humanities, seeing as most (if not all) fields within that broad umbrella do seem to employ/deploy various digitalia in support of our disciplines. Personally, I define Digital Humanities as integrating tools (online, software, hardware, etc.) in support of research, publication/communication, and development of topics outside of mathematics and the physical sciences.
    active 5 years ago
  • Profile picture of Anne Flannery
    Anne Flannery
    The Newberry Library/ACLS Public Fellow
    The application of Digital Humanities varies from institution to institution (and from practitioner to practitioner), but I think that one idea unites them all: making images, content, and context open to the public and accessible in new ways. Even if the underlying computational structures and methodologies differ, this idea unifies.
    active 4 years, 12 months ago
  • Profile picture of Anne Welsh
    Anne Welsh
    UCL Centre for Digital Humanities
    Work that creates or advances the use of computing in Humanities research and teaching
    active 5 years ago
  • Profile picture of Anno Ici
    Anno Ici
    University College Cork, Ireland
    A broad church – but a common hymn sheet?
    active 4 years, 11 months ago
  • Profile picture of Ash Scheder Black
    Ash Scheder Black
    Digital Humanities: The study, exploration, and safeguarding of human cultural product and phenomena collectively known as "Humanities" via the use, management, and development of information systems.
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  • Profile picture of Ashley Wiersma
    Ashley Wiersma
    Michigan State University
    To me, DH is about making connections between people, ideas, and fields; the creative production of new ideas, questions, analyses, and technology; and engagement with a community that extends beyond academia.
    active 4 years, 12 months ago
  • Profile picture of Aurélien Berra
    Aurélien Berra
    Université Paris-Ouest
    Unknowing the Cloud.
    active 4 years, 11 months ago
  • Profile picture of Barbara Fister
    Barbara Fister
    Gustavus Adolphus College
    The humanities, now with digital.
    active 4 years, 12 months ago
  • Profile picture of Ben Brumfield
    Ben Brumfield
    FromThePage digitization software
    Very narrowly, so that _I_ belong but _you_ don't.
    active 5 years ago
  • Profile picture of Ben Hurwitz
    Ben Hurwitz
    George Mason University - Center for History and New Media
    Using digital technology to advance original research, to preserve historical resources, to exhibit historical resources, and to further teaching and learning.
    active 5 years ago
  • Profile picture of Bernard K. Means
    Bernard K. Means
    Virtual Curation Laboratory
    I see digital humanities as the intersection of cutting-edge technology with approaches to all dimensions of the human experience, from deep into the past into the future.
    active 4 years, 11 months ago
  • Profile picture of Bethany Nowviskie
    Bethany Nowviskie
    University of Virginia, Association for Computers & the Humanities
    You say potato, I say potato. Let's call the whole thing off. (Or, more seriously: I "define" DH with some reluctance. We're an interdisciplinary, inter-professional community of practice; we develop and test an evolving set of methods; we undertake fresh work in the humanities and explore ways of making that work visible.)
    active 5 years ago
  • Profile picture of Bill Caraher
    Bill Caraher
    University of North Dakota
    The digital humanities are an intervention. The space of the humanities has entered a period of rapid technological change which has forced scholars to become aware of the tools that they use for understanding their texts. This situation has inspired a new, more robust discourse centered on both the tools that humanities use and the knowledge that humanists produce. The Digital Humanities (Digital History, Digital Archaeology, et c.) embrace techne as it informs their epistemology.
    active 5 years ago
  • Profile picture of Bill Hart-Davidson
    Bill Hart-Davidson
    Michigan State University
    Humans doing engaged scholarship in digital spaces with computing as a medium for action.
    active 5 years ago
  • Profile picture of Blake Wilder
    Blake Wilder
    Ohio State University
    I define Digital Humanities as a traditional studies of human culture, society, and art reinvigorated by recent and emergent digital technologies and the new knowledge formations made possible by those technologies.
    active 5 years ago
  • Profile picture of Brandon Walsh
    Brandon Walsh
    University of Virginia - Scholars' Lab
    I think of DH as anything that includes any sort of humanistic inquiry that uses digital technology. We've all been digital for some time now, and DHers are just those who embrace this cyber-life most enthusiastically.
    active 5 years ago