Adeline Koh

How do you Define DH?

On Postcolonial Digital Humanities, Roopika Risam and I define the digital humanities as a set of methodologies engaged by humanists to use, produce, teach, and analyze culture and technology.


Duke U/Richard Stockton College


About Adeline Koh

Adeline Koh is a visiting faculty fellow under the Duke University Humanities Writ Large Program in academic year 2012-2013. She is also an assistant professor of literature at Richard Stockton College. Her work spans the intersections between postcolonial studies and the digital humanities, 19th/20th Century British and Anglophone Literature and Southeast Asian and African studies, and games in higher education. Koh directs Digitizing ‘Chinese Englishmen,’ a digital archival project on 19th century ‘Asian Victorians’ in Southeast Asia, and The Stockton Postcolonial Studies Project , an online magazine of postcolonial studies. She is the designer of Trading Races, an elaborate historical role playing game designed to teach race consciousness in the undergraduate classroom, and runs the postcolonial digital humanities website and tumblr blog with Roopika Risam. She is also a core contributor to the Profhacker Column at the Chronicle of Higher Education.