Aaron Gulyas

How do you Define DH?

For me, the heart of digital humanities/history is in finding or creating tools and resources to more effectively teach my students. Sometimes that involves helping students create their own tools and resources. In my role as part of our Center for Teaching and Learning, I also find myself teaching other teachers to use these tools as well.


Mott Community College


I’m a historian and writer and have taught at Mott Community College in Flint, Michigan since 2006. At Mott, I cover US, World, East Asian, American Military, and Medieval European history as well as serving as a faculty technology consultant in our Professional Development office.

My first book, Extraterrestrials and the American Zeitgeist: Contact Tales since the 1950s will be released in Spring 2013 by McFarland Books.

I also recently wrote the introduction to Posthuman Blues: Dispatches From a World on the Cusp of Terminal Dissolution, a collection of writings by the late Mac Tonnies edited by Paul Kimball.

Another brief forthcoming item is a chapter in Gillian I. Leitch’s Doctor Who In Time and Space which analyzes fan expectations and reactions to both the 1996 Fox tele-movie and the 2005 revival’s premier episode.