Amanda Visconti

How do you Define DH?

As a methodology.
As a community.
With diverse examples of successful and failed projects.
With leniency as to boundaries.
After taking a deep breath!
As a hybrid space among disciplines.
As my great hope for a more public humanities.


University of Maryland Department of English


I’m a digital humanist: a literature Ph.D. candidate with a master’s degree in information from the University of Michigan, as well as a web developer/designer/geek. I blog about DH (and my non-traditional dissertation, textual and game studies, web development, and literature) at, and you can find me on Twitter @Literature_Geek.

I’ve worked as an IMLS Model Digital Humanities intern and Webmaster at one of the world’s premiere digital humanities centers, MITH (the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities). I build and research alternate reality games (ARGs) as a member of the University of Maryland iSchool ARGs Research Team, which studies ARGs in the service of design and education (read more about our research and game at With Anastasia Salter, I co-organized the first THATCamp Games digital humanities and games academic unconference in January 2012.

In addition to digital and alternate reality games, my literary interests include complex Modernist novels and James Joyce’s Ulysses, e-lit and new media, and playful critical intervention. I teach digital literature and ways of using digital tools to learn about the humanities; my classes always have a strong focus on learning real skills–such as creating distant reading visualizations and using an Omeka archive to tell persuasive interpretive stories–and carrying these skills back to the literature we’re studying.

As a web developer and designer, I’m a CMS geek with advanced experience in three systems: WordPress, Drupal, and Omeka. I’m beginning to use Gephi to create visualizations of literary data (e.g. my citation network visualization work for a Association for Computers in the Humanities Microgrant).