Bugs are the bane of DH

So I got back to preparing “Ancient Jewish Sciences” for publication. And hit a bug… Apple’s Preview app ignores DPI settings when rasterizing PDFs via the “Export…” item on the File menu. That mattered for me because I have the volume’s one figure as an MS-Word file, which I “printed” to PDF. Then tried to export from Preview. I hit the bug. So I went to install ghostscript with MacPorts. Which revealed that my Xcode installation was off. So I fixed that (eventually). Installed ghostscript. Figured out the right set of options (which seem a little convoluted). Done.

I’d rather blog about the cool workflow that delivers both XHTML and PDF from a single archival but that’s not for today.

Soon I have to review the reading I’ve assigned for this week’s “Roman Pottery” seminar. Topic is “Amphoras”. But that’s got zero to do with DH.