My Day of DH

It took me a while to decide to participate in Day of DH 2013, mainly because I wasn’t sure what “digital humanities stuff” I was likely to be doing (if any — it’s just one part of the barely-controlled frenzy of teaching, researching, writing, advising, etc. I usually find myself in). Although I’m still not sure how I’m going to photograph myself doing any of it, especially since I think there are privacy issues with photographing students (so a lot of screen-shots?), I did realize that I could use the Day of DH as an excuse to catch up a bit on a lot of different digital projects that require my attention. So my activities will be real, since they’ll all be connected to real current projects and obligations, but my concentration on one after another of them on Monday will be a bit artificial. It’ll be one answer to the question of what someone does with digital humanities, although not really an answer to what this someone does in the course of one ordinary day.