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This morning I was no Tom Cruise

April 8, 2013 in Doing

The Realworld  Minority Report

If Homeland Security can do it, why can’t we do this in our university with teaching and learning?!

After capturing some images that might be useful for a first blog post today, I realized I forgot completely to take photos during a big meeting with the representatives of all UK’s colleges this morning! So, I’m already behind…. but that’s an excellent example of how it works on a daily basis for me.

I want these gloves to be available in every university conference meeting room!

This morning’s meeting was about how the various college representatives could create a 3-week residential academy for GEAR-UP KY students in the Summer of 2014.  As a digital humanist, I desperately wanted them to use an online tool … something like a mind-map or even just a doodle-pad.  But then I realized, not everyone would have brought their own device – and I didn’t reserve laptops or whatever.  So, forget it.  Used sticky paper on the wall, and they taped clippings of paper from their previous contributions … sigh. They did beautifully, but I missed the elegance of digitized media.  I imagined the groups swooping and sweeping their ideas between categories, just like Tom Cruise in Minority Report.  But then, I came back to reality…