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Hello world!

Happy to have made it (barely) to Day of DH 2013 this year! I think all previous years it has occurred during March Mayhem Break in my household.

Today was so nonstop busy with working towards a grant application, grading, review sessions for students, meeting with my dean about financial arrangements associated with my upcoming leave, dealing with about a hundred emails, having a couple of Skypes with team members, ferrying daughter to swimming and then having a celebratory supper with her after she passed her badge, bed and reading time, that I didn’t have time to finish registering or write anything during the day.

So, having insomnia (not a usual thing for me these days), I managed to get this up just as things are winding down.

The highlight of my day, I think, is that I just read a great article (can’t say by who, because reviewing for a journal) on a semantic web project that is doing very cool things. So I’m excited but thinking I had better get myself to bed (and take a pass on sunrise yoga, probably).

But before I go, I want to point to something I heard on CBC yesterday, and read a bit of, and found it good: a fairy tale with a girl protagonist designed to teach computational logic. And it reads well to boot. Might be another Phantom Tollbooth. Just debating between paper copy and e-version.

Lauren Ipsum

[I believe I can paste this kid with a partially obscured face because the image is taken from the book’s promotional site. However, if it is in fact a violation of ethics, let me know.]