Congratulations! It’s a Tool!

Congratulations! It’s a Tool!

Stéfan, Geoffrey and Mark are delighted
to announce a new arrival to the Voyant Family


Born April 8, 2013
1,891 lines of code

Have I taken the whole baby announcement metaphor a bit far? And how do I now indicate that this is really a preview release of a new tool (alpha or beta just doesn’t work so well as a middle names:)).

The text in the tool on the right are tweets that have been archived by Lee. The page only shows the most recent tweets, but she shared with me the full document and said she’d be very happy to share it with others as well. I reversed the order of the tweets (oldest first) and added a few stopwords (like #dayofdh).

Termometer was designed in the same spirit as TermsRadio, to help view a stream of data (like at Twitter feed). The difference is that Termometer is also (somewhat) optimized to be displayed in a narrow sidebar. We still have a lot of work to do in refining the tool, including making it easier to select, add and remove terms, but I thought it would be fun to launch the tool on DayOfDH!