• Profile picture of Aaron Gulyas
    Aaron Gulyas
    Mott Community College
    For me, the heart of digital humanities/history is in finding or creating tools and resources to more effectively teach my students. Sometimes that involves helping students create their own tools and resources. In my role as part of our Center for Teaching and Learning, I also find myself teaching other teachers to use these tools as well.
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    Aaron Mauro
    University of Victoria (Electronic Textual Cultures Lab)
    I tend to lean towards an open definition of digital humanities. If you are making or using digital tools to study, archive, or create "something" in the humanities, you are a digital humanist! I thoroughly expect the nuances of DH theory, tools, and methods to change and evolve as technology and culture changes. The happy side-effect of the varied means and modes of technological change in DH practice allows many of us to follow the tone and tenor of cultural production more closely.
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    Abby Mullen
    Northeastern University
    DH is a new way of approaching the humanities. It enables us to approach new questions, using new methodologies, and working with each other in new ways.
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    Abby Schreiber
    The Ohio State University
    Using digital tools and methods to aid in interpretation and analysis of historic (or, humanistic) narrative and data.
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  • Profile picture of Adam Heidebrink
    Adam Heidebrink
    Independent Scholar
    Digital Humanities is a field of study that enables us to reimagine and reconfigure methodologies and pedagogies across the curriculum. It is in part inspired by, though not confined within, evolving technologies and the synchronous hybrid ontologies that emerge from their production and use.
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    Adam Rabinowitz
    The University of Texas at Austin
    I define Digital Humanities as the use of digital tools to do all of the following: collect richer datasets during our research; document those datasets in such a way that they can be more easily understood and reused by others; use digital datasets to identify patterns that inform us in new ways about our subject matter; and communicate our research and subject knowledge to our students and the general public in innovative, interactive, and engaging ways.
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  • Profile picture of Adeline Koh
    Adeline Koh
    Duke U/Richard Stockton College
    On Postcolonial Digital Humanities, Roopika Risam and I define the digital humanities as a set of methodologies engaged by humanists to use, produce, teach, and analyze culture and technology.
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  • Profile picture of Adina Langer
    Adina Langer
    Artiflection, LLC
    Any work done in the humanities using digital tools, digital interfaces, or digital space is digital humanities work. In my world, this includes collection metadata management and online exhibit creation as well as research using computational methods to compare historical data sets.
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    Aimée Morrison
    University of Waterloo
    Let's be broad: DH is the self-reflexive, critical practice of humanistic enquiry with computer technology.
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    Alex Galarza
    Michigan State University
    A movement focusing on the incorporation of technology into scholarship whose center of gravity can be found between the humanities and social sciences.
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    Alex Gil
    Columbia University
    Quoting my mother in law, "I don't know what it means, but it pays the bills."
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    Ali Grotkowski
    University of Alberta
    DH lies at the intersection between computing and the humanities and includes a wide range of topics and is not limited to that which the majority think of as traditionally the field of computing or the humanities and social sciences.
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  • Profile picture of Alyssa Arbuckle
    Alyssa Arbuckle
    University of Victoria
    For me, DH is the multiple ways that scholarship intersects with computing. This ranges from developing prototypes to engaging in collaborative annotation practices to studying new media trends (and, of course, much more!).
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  • Profile picture of Amanda French
    Amanda French
    Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media
    The use of computers by scholars, librarians, archivists, museum professionals, and others to do and to support humanities research.
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  • Profile picture of Amanda Visconti
    Amanda Visconti
    University of Maryland Department of English
    As a methodology. As a community. With diverse examples of successful and failed projects. With leniency as to boundaries. After taking a deep breath! As a hybrid space among disciplines. As my great hope for a more public humanities.
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  • Profile picture of Amelia Sanz
    Amelia Sanz
    Professor at Complutense University of MAdrid (Spain)
    A field of study that seeks to apply all kind of computing technologies and methods to the study of the age-old disciplines of the humanities in the First World universities, mainly anglophone and northern ones.
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    amy buckland
    McGill University Library
    research in the humanities that harnesses technology to build tools, develop new fields of research, and look back on previous research through a networked lens. librarians have been doing this for awhile ; )
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    Amy Cavender
    Saint Mary's College
    Digital humanities involves the use of digital tools in research, teaching, and scholarship in humanities(-related) disciplines.
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  • Profile picture of Amy Rubens
    Amy Rubens
    Francis Marion University
    DH is building, but building can be more than coding.
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    Ancient World Mapping Center
    The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Digital humanities unites traditional scholarship in the humanities and social sciences with computing applications.
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